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CRYSTAL BLUE is a granular salt product that is a sodium chloride based salt

enhanced with calcium and magnesium.

• Fast Acting Ingredients

• Treat/Pre-Treat Surfaces

• Works as Low as -9o

• Available by bag or pallet


Available in 50# bags for convenient storage

Liquid Ice Melt is Available by Request

CLIMATE RX is still Available by Truck Load Only (18 pallets)


How does ice melt work?

In its solid form deicer does not melt any ice or snow, it must first form liquid brine. The granular deicer dissolving into water forms the liquid brine. The brine that is formed will lower the freezing point of water and effectively dissolve (melt) ice and snow on contact, until it becomes diluted to a concentration where its freezing point is raised near that of water. By penetrating the ice, the brine can fan out under the ice to break its bond with the pavement.

So Many brands, but only five materials to know. The two most widely used deicer products are sodium chloride and calcium chloride. Magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea are sometimes used as deicers. These materials and blends of these materials account for nearly all of the deicers used today.

Performance in the cold.

Speed. This is one of the important factors that everyone wants to know about. A deicer’s speed of action depends on how quickly it becomes a brine, which depends on how quickly it takes up moisture. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea must come into direct contact with moisture before they can dissolve into an effective deicing brine. By contrast, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride readily attract moisture from the atmosphere to form a brine very quickly. Another factor that affects a deicer’s ability to work is the type of chemical reaction it must undergo to form a brine. Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride actually create heat as they go into solution, in what is called an exothermic reaction. Calcium chloride generates the most heat during this process, approximately a 4 to 1 advantage. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and urea when placed in solution undergo what is called an endothermic reaction. This endothermic reaction requires the addition of heat for the formation of brine. Of these endothermic reactions, sodium chloride requires only about 25% of the heat that potassium chloride requires and about 40% of the heat required by urea.

The other important factor is the freezing points of the deicer brines. Every deicer has what is called a eutectic temperature. This temperature applies only to a specific concentration and is the lowest temperature at which a deicer’s brine can dissolve ice. Since the brine concentration is continually decreasing, the eutectic temperatures have little application to real-life deicing conditions. Practical temperature limits are generally accepted as the lowest temperature at which sufficient deicing action is evident in a reasonable period of time.

The table below compares eutectic and practical temperatures:



Effect on Concrete.


There’s a common misconception that deicers chemically attack concrete. They don’t. The threat to concrete is the pressure created when water in concrete freezes. It’s true that all common deicers can increase the water available for freeze/thaw cycles, but people want to know which deicers are the safest to use on concrete.

Research conducted using ASTM C-672-76, “Test for Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed to Chemical Deicers,” modified by reducing freeze/ thaw cycle time from 24 hours to 8 hours per cycle. This test involved diluting deicers to various concentrations and placing them ½” deep on air-entrained concrete slabs which were alternately frozen and thawed. Samples were exposed to 500 cycles, then the surface of each sample was examined and numerically rated as to the amount of scaling, using the following rating system above.

The point is that calcium chloride and sodium chloride are the safest chemicals to use at typical application rates. Also of note is that the American Concrete Institute has noted (in publication ACI 201 2R-92, Guide to Durable Concrete) that magnesium chloride chemically attacks concrete at a slow rate.



CRYSTAL BLUE Ice Melt Products are a proprietary blend designed to give you the ultimate melting power. When it comes to the speed and long lasting melting abilities, CRYSTAL BLUE is a leader in the industry. Melts and penetrates ice up to 10 times faster than standard salt and urea products. Safer on concrete and vegetation. Friendly to animals and the environment.


CRYSTAL BLUE Premium Ice Melt Products are Easy to Use. For best results, at the first sign of snow fall or icing, sprinkle 1/4 cup evenly per 3 square yards. A standard hand fertilizer spreader works great to evenly spread the product. If there is already ice and snow accumulation, remove any loose ice and snow and follow previous directions. Remove slushy areas from walk or driveway that product has melted. If ice is very thick, additional treatments may be needed.


CRYSTAL BLUE Ice Melt Products should not be used on concrete that has not cured for up to and exceeding 1 year or concrete that is old and already showing signs of cracking and spalling. Do not use product on exposed aggregate or custom rock formations. Adjoining concrete surfaces or lower grade concrete surfaces should not use this product.

Note: The amount of freeze and thaw cycles greatly contributes to the amount of damage affecting concrete.


Wash thoroughly with water if prolonged skin contact, may cause skin irritation. In case of contact with eyes, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. If irritation and discomfort continues, consult physician. If product is ingested, drink water and consult physician.


If ingested by pets, give pet plenty of water. If a noticeable licking of paws when pet has been exposed , clean paws with clean warm water and washcloth. Keep plenty of water available for pets. If pet has ingested large quantities of product, have pet drink water and consult veterinarian.


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