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2001 Air Fresheners

Extremely concentrated air fresheners: Choose from Apple (A), Creamsicle (C), Lemon (L), or Vanilla (V).

2003 Bath and Tile Cleaner

(Non Acid)
This non acid bath and tile cleaner is both safe, a very effective cleaning product against hard water deposits. There are no harmful vapors or irritating odors, only a pleasant fragrance.

2000 Grout Cleaner

(Non Acid)
This non acid product will clean grout and remove scale and iron buildup from all hard surface areas. It tackles the toughest jobs and is user friendly. Grout Cleaner is not to be used on metal surfaces.

2002 Neutral Cleaner

A great smelling all purpose cleaner that can be used on something as tough as a greasy shop floor but gentle enough to be used on a waxed floor. THis product is safe to be used on all surfaces and rinses easily with water.

2004 Shower Shine

This great smelling product was designed for the toughest calcium buildup areas in your bathroom. If you are constantly fighting hard water deposits, then this product is for you. By simply changing your water dilutions you can Shower Shine your entire bathroom cleaning needs.

2006 Streak Free

(Glass Cleaner)
Streak Free not only lives up to its name, but it is the best glass and hard surface cleaner in the janitorial industry. This product will clean everything from oils, hair spray, lipstick, finger prints, and is effective in both hot and cold environments.

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2007 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This cherry smelling cleaner both clings to and cleans your toilet. Toilet Bowl Cleaner has a thickened consistency which contains a buffered acid that is effective yet safe on nylon carpets. No more unwanted holes in your carpets from unintentional spills.

2005 Toilet Bowl Restorer

We call this product “pumice stone in a bottle.” There is not a toilet bowl ring that this product won’t remove in seconds. Being an industrial strength product, Toilet Bowl Restorer should be used by professional cleaners only.

Institutional Aerosols

4010 Air Fresheners

Dutch Apple (DA), Citrus Splash (CS), Fresh Linen (FL), and Mulberry Breeze (MB)

4017 Air Sanitizers

Simply eliminate unpleasant and unwanted odors

4011 Carpet Spotter

Very few stains that this product won’t clean.

4000 Glass Cleaner

The best glass cleaner on the market today!

4013 Furniture Polish

Shines and replaces oils in dry wood furniture.

4014 Stainless Steel Polish

Cleans and polishes stainless steel like new.

4015 Oven Cleaner

High foam and low odors from this great product.

4016 Wasp and Hornet Spray

Sprays up to 25 feet and kills wasps  on contact.

4017 Weed Killer Spray

Kills weeds on contact and sterilizes for up to 1 year.

Commercial Laundry Products

3001 Soil Break #1

For the heavy soiled and stained linens this product contains a high pH factor along with with deep penetrating wetting agents to help break up and remove soils.

3018 Industrial Break #1

This product was developed to remove petroleum based soils and stains. Industrial Break is recommended for the Oilfields, Automotive, and Mining industries.

3002 Sunrise Detergent #2

This is a great Laundry suds product. It not only lifts the soils from the linen but it also contains water conditioners and optical brighteners that helps keep your linens looking like new.

3008 Liquid Suds #2

Liquid Suds is recommended to be used as a second step with the Industrial Break Product. The suds from this product are more condensed for removing petroleum base soils.

3006 One Shot Detergent #1 & 2

A built detergent is a Break and Suds product all in one. One SHot Detergent was developed for the laundry users that prefer a 3 step laundry to cut down on washing time.

3007 Laundry Bleach #3

Bleaching is always the third step in a commercial laundry application. It is not only used to help whiten but is also used to disinfect your linens. This product is a 9% solution.

3010 Linen Sour #4

Sour products are used in a commercial laundry system to lower the pH of the linens. This product is usually injected after the bleaching process and a rinse.

3011 Sour/Soft #4 & 5

If you are trying to shorten your wash cycle time, then this is the product you’ve been looking for. Sour/Soft will lower your pH and soften the linens at the same time.

3022 Sour/Soft Hi Iron #4 & 5

For high iron areas this product is a must to keep the metals in your water from staining your linen.

3009 Linen Softener #5
Softener is the last product used in commercial laundry, and should be applied after the final rinse cycle. This product will soften the linens and also leave them smelling clean and fresh.

Laundry Specialty Products

3000 Color Safe Bleach

Safe for colored linens.

3012 Laundry Spotter

All purpose spotter for most stains.

3005 Make-Up Spotter

Removes eye make-up from laundry.

3014 Oilfield Detergent

Removes petroleum oils from laundry.

3015 Organic Spot Remover

Cleans organic stains using enzymes.

3019 Oxy Bleach

For the areas with a high iron problem.

3020 Reclaim Solvent

Reclaims the tough “set in stains.”

3021 Solvent Detergent

Removes petroleum oils from clothes.

Laundry Compounds

3003 Clean Slate 100%

Highly concentrated specialty product.

3004 Commercial Linen

Not recommended for home machines.

3023 Devour

Removes organic stains and odors from linen.

3024 Fresh Linen Detergent

Safe for all laundry machines and linens.

3025 Industrial Linen Soap

Made to remove petroleum based soils.

3013 Oil Field Booster

For the toughest petroleum stained linens.

3016 Protein Remover

Add to any detergent to remove organic stains.

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