Pool & Spas


5000 Accu-Tabs

A 67% calcium Hypochlorite 3″ tablet.

5001 Acid Magic

User friendly and safe with no harmful vapor.

5002 Algaecide

Effective on green or mustard algae.

5003 Alkalinity Builder

To raise alkalinity to a desired level.

5004 Bromine Tabs

Great disinfectant for spa’s and smaller indoor pools.

5005 Calcium Builder

Protect your pool against aggressive water with calcium buildup. Calcium Builder protects your pool plumbing and cool surface.

5006 Cal Hypo Granular

Granular Chlorine used for super chlorinating pools.

5007 Chlorine Tabs 3”

Stabilized trichlor tablets used for outdoor pools.

5008 Chlorine Tabs 1”

Stabilized dichlor tablets used for outdoor pools.

5009 Defoamer

Removes unwanted foam from spas.

5010 Filter Cleaner

Removes body oils from all types of filters.

5011 Liquid Chlorine

A 12% sodium hypochlorite disinfectant.

5012 PH Down

Powder used to lower the PH in a pool or spa.

5013 PH Up

Powder used to increase the PH in a pool or spa.

5014 Pool Acid

Concentrated hydrochloric acid.

5015 Equipment Descaler

A safe phosphoric acid to clean all pool equipment.

5016 Pool Stabilizer

Protects the free chlorine from ultraviolet rays. (Sun)

5017 Water Clarifier

Flocking agent that makes sand filters more effective.

5018 Non-Chlorine Shock

Removes chloramines from pool water safely.

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